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Red Bindi relieves poverty and promote better health amongst underprivileged women in developing countries by making feminine hygiene products and health education available free of charge.






Red Bindi's vision is to make an impact in the lives of 100,000 women by providing menstruation related education, and putting them on a path to better menstruation practices and better menstruation health by giving them a two-years' supply of reusable, environmentally-responsible sanitary pads.


A Letter From Pooja Kumar (Founder)
Dear Visitor,

Sometimes, good things happen just by chance. 

The problem that YOU and I are addressing is not new, nor newly discovered by mankind. However, it was new to me. I was on a soul-searching trip to India in January/February, 2018. There, I came across the issue of inhumane taboos around menstruation, and the lack of access to sanitary pads for 100s of millions of women. I learnt that women and girls are shy even to go buy sanitary pads and that most of them think that the monthly period is a disease.  

It was baffling. It defied all logic. Living in Canada, I could have never imagined such a problem existed in the modern world. I dug deeper. What I found out was shocking, and frankly, shameful.

“How could it be true?”, I kept asking myself and others. But, it is. The statistics can be different based on what report or study you look at, but there is no denying the fact that women in developing countries are suffering from a lack of access to basic feminine hygiene resources and are treated inhumanely BY THEIR OWN FAMILIES when they are in their periods! WOW!  Can you imagine that? 

Yes, 100s of millions of women in developing countries do not have access to sanitary pads and they either do not use anything at all or use dirty, infected clothes, and sometimes even mud, leaves or cow-dung. I get goosebumps at the mere thought of it.

And then comes the taboos and the stigma associated with menstruation. Women are considered impure, they are not allowed to enter kitchen or use the same bathrooms as others, or asked to sleep outside during their periods! Are you serious? Many don't go to school. Many actually quit school for ever and miss the benefits that an education brings. They miss out on economic participation as well. That's a pity. 

When you can help, you should help. Red Bindi is my attempt to help contribute in solving this problem, and hopefully, change the lives of many women – with your support and encouragement, of course! 

Please donate generously.

Respectfully yours,

Pooja Kumar

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